Dunes repaving project an eyesore
September 6, 2018


To the editor:

My wife and I have owned homes on Sanibel since the mid 1980s. We moved full time to our current residence in the Dunes in 2013 after residing 20 years in Miami Beach.

We were looking to enjoy the more laid back tropical, natural environment of Sanibel.

The recent "road work" in the Dunes however has been jarring. While the $500,000 repaving project might have been justified, the subsequent re-striping of the newly paved road is an eyesore.

The new yellow and white stripes make Sand Castle Road look more like an airport landing strip or a roadway akin to I-75 not a roadway suited for Sanibel. Add to the newly painted landing strip the questionable "speed bumps" - which most objective traffic studies say are ineffective - and a plethora of road signs, we now have a road more suited to major roads in urban areas like Miami or Tampa. Overkill rather than "calm" traffic down, I believe it will have the opposite effect as it gives drivers a false sense of being on a major roadway and hence a license to speed through the development. The speed bumps only serve to slow folks down where they are located and most will just speed up in between where they are located. Only real net effect will be to slow emergency vehicles like fire trucks, ambulances and police cars. Very disappointing end result after a $500,000 expenditure.

Ugly seems to be the new Sanibel design standard!

Frank R. Nero



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